• Vlad M.
    March 17, 2020 at 10: 23 at

    It was hard to communicate. I felt very lost for the first weeks of my Erasmus, as people barely spoke English. After a month I started to understand a few things. Initially I felt kind of lonely but later I made some friends. I had the chance to visit other countries, as the teachers gave me the freedom to attend the classes when I wanted, so I could get to know the country better. In the end it was a worthy experience, with many fund memories.

    Pros: The whole experience of getting out of my confort zone, and managing to still do everything I needed and wanted to do

    Cons: Maybe have classes to get to know what I am going to face, before going to a completely new experience.

    Organization of the Semester

    Course Content


    On-Campus Support



    Fun & free time

    Value for Money

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