• Tessa
    March 17, 2020 at 6: 14 at

    I had a great semester abroad with Erasmus at Palacky University, the courses were better than I could've imagined and better than anything I've taken at home. The social aspect was very focused on extroverts and partying and drinking every day which wasn't really up to my par. I was also broke so not available to make the same trips. I did make great friends that I could not live without today anymore.

    Pros: I really liked the course content and being abroad in general, setting out on my own in a foreign culture and country.

    Cons: The university administration wasn't up to date or very accessible in English. The campus was ok, but I'm lucky I got a single room. One lecturer refused to teach in English. More activities could be geared towards not partying non stop.

    Organization of the Semester

    Course Content


    On-Campus Support



    Fun & free time

    Value for Money

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