• Martin
    March 20, 2020 at 11: 24 at

    I had a pretty good experience because I thoroughly researched the coursework and the benefits of applying to this university. I think that my program particularly had benefits that other programs do not include such as placement opportunities. Additionally, the lecturers are supportive and encourage you to have a good learning experience. The university is very well connected with the industry and the government institutions, thus their seminars and professional practice opportunities have a high quality.

    Pros: I like the academic level and the knowledge of the staff. I think all of them have an extensive background as researchers and experts in the field. So the industry network that the university holds is very good.

    Cons: I think that the lecturers have a high workload and they have not enough time to give you detailed feedback on the unit assignments.

    Organization of the Semester

    Course Content


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    Fun & free time

    Value for Money

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