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Student visa for a semester abroad in Bali

In order to study in Indonesia or Bali, you need a student visa, which you must apply for before starting your semester abroad. The visa for foreign students in Indonesia belongs to the Social-Cultural Visa category and can be applied for at the Indonesian embassy or consulate. Please note that this page only provides non-binding information about the student visa in Bali. The provisions and legal regulations can change at any time, so we recommend that you contact the Indonesian embassy in your home country for binding statements.

Required documents for a student visa in Bali

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You can find the application on the website of the responsible embassy or consulate
Application form
Two passport photos
Please also include a copy of the first page of your passport and make sure there are enough pages left.
Original passport
(valid for at least 6 months)
Our advice:
Book a flexible return flight ticket, which will save you additional costs if you decide to extend your stay. You can get another tip on booking a flight in the Tips & Tricks section
Copy of flight tickets
(Entry and exit)
The application fee is currently around € 50 (status: 03/2020)
Receipt or statement of
payment of the application fee
An acceptance or enrollment certificate from the university in Indonesia. You should receive this at least 4-6 weeks before the start of the semester
Acceptance Letter from the
University in Indonesia
This letter will be sent directly from the Indonesian university to the responsible embassy. Please tell those responsible where you want to apply for your visa
Embassy Letter from the
University in Indonesia
Try to apply for your visa as early as possible to get your visa in time
Processing time
about 4 - 6 weeks
When applying by post, an adequately stamped return envelope addressed to you must be enclosed. You will receive your passport and visa back in the mail after processing.
Reply paid
return envelope
Would you like to download the current application forms or do you need help filling out the form? No problem, we will help you. Click on the button and fill out the contact form and we will send you all further information.
Note on the Embassy Letter

This document is an official, standardized letter from the Indonesian University. This is addressed directly to the Indonesian embassy in your home country and informs the authority that you are entitled to apply for a student visa in Indonesia. If you do not want to apply for your visa from your home country, you should inform the university or Study Abroad Organization ahead of time.

Processing time student visa Bali

For the entire processing period, you should allow at least 4 - 6 weeks . It is therefore important to apply for and gather all relevant documents as early as possible. You need to be prepared for any queries or delays that may occur in the application process. All documents should always be sent by registered mail as the embassies are not liable for the loss of documents by post.

You didn't receive your student visa in time for departure? You can find out how to start your semester abroad in the section Study without a student visa.

Validity & extension of student visa

The student visa in Indonesia is for a total 60 days It is valid from the date of your entry and can then be extended by up to 4 in country to a maximum of 6 monthsThe extension is made possible with the help of an official Visa agent. For each visa extension there will be an extension fee. The visa agent is usually organised by or recommended by the University. The student visa is usually called Single-Entry Visa issued. That means you one new visa if you need during your study visit the country is leaving and want to enter again. After receiving your visa, you must within 90 days enter Indonesia, otherwise the visa expires.

After receiving the student visa

After you have received your visa, you should definitely check that all the details listed are correct. Below is an example of a student visa in Bali. The visa is stuck in your passport and marked with "USED" when you arrive at the airport in Indonesia.

Where can I apply for a Bali student visa?

You must apply for the student visa at the respective Indonesian embassy or consulate in your home country. For the German-speaking countries, this is possible via the following institutes. Students from other countries can head over to Embassy Worldwide who provide information about the Indonesian embassies in your country.

Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia Berlin
Lehrterstr. 16-17
10557 Berlin
+49 30 47807200


Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia Frankfurt
Zeppelinallee 23
60325 Frankfurt
+49 69 2470980


Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia Hamburg
Bebelallee 15
22299 Hamburg
+49 40 51325711

Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia Vienna

Gustav-Tschermak-Gasse 5-7

1180 Vienna

+43 1 476230

Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia Bern

Elfenauweg 51

3006 Bern

+41 31 352 09 83

Study in Bali without a student visa

Did you apply for your student visa too late? It took longer than expected to process your visa? Can't get your visa in time for your departure? We show you how you can still start your semester abroad in Indonesia. Please note that these are only non-binding tips! The only 100% legal option to study in Indonesia is only with a student visa. In any case, you should try to apply for it in good time!


Study with tourist visa in Bali

Tourist Visa

You do not need to apply for an extra visa for this. Many countries have an agreement with Indonesia that allows you to stay for a maximum of 30 days from arrival. This visa cannot be extended
Valid for 30 days

Visa on Arrival

You can purchase the Visa on Arrival at the airport in Bali for around 30 €. Please inquire at the information stand before leaving the immigration zone. It is stuck directly into your passport. You can use it to extend your stay by another 30 days.
valid for up to 60 days

With the Tourist Visa or the Visa on Arrival you can at least enter Indonesia. However, you can not officially study. After your entry, you should apply for your student visa as soon as possible. With some planning ahead and with the help of a Visa agent For example, you can apply for the correct visa in Singapore within one day. Ideally, you can fly to Singapore in the morning, get your visa from the visa agent and fly back to Indonesia in the evening with your student visa in your pocket. Your university in Indonesia or your Study Abroad organization will certainly help you with this.

Tips for booking a flight to Bali

In addition to the flexible return flight ticket, it is also possible to book a cheap ticket to a neighboring country to Indonesia in advance. This is sufficient as proof of your departure and gives you full flexibility if your travel plans should change. Cheap tickets with Air Aisa, Scoot or Tiger Air are often available from € 50, for example to Malaysia or Singapore. This way you stay flexible on your return journey and avoid expensive fees or even the forfeiture of your return flight if your plans change during the semester.

Student Visa Bali

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