Study in Bali Accommodation Guide

Living as a student in Bali

Study in Bali Accommodation Guide

Accommodation abroad semester in Bali

Choosing the right accommodation is an important topic for students in Bali every semester. There are numerous options for accommodation during your semester abroad, which we would like to introduce to you in this section. First of all a few important things to consider when trying to find accommodation for your semester abroad in Bali:

Do not commit yourself to accommodation before the start of your semester abroad
, to give you a chance to look around in person once you have arrived. There are plenty of great apartments, rooms and villas in Bali so you don't need to worry that all good accommodations are already booked out when you arrive. For the first fews days or weeks we recommend booking a hotel, hostel or similar. During this time you can get to know your fellow classmates, discover which area you prefer and go on an apartment or villa search with your new friends or locals.

  • No commitment & payment before you visit the property
  • Get to know your new roommates locally
  • Negotiate the price with the landlord on site
  • Have the rental contract documented in writing
  • Sign a lease for a maximum of one month
  • More flexibility, less risk & better prices

Student Villas in Bali

Most students treat themselves to a good dose of luxury in Bali! The most popular type of student accommodation during the semester abroad is villas. Mostly between 4 - 12 students come together and rent a villa with a pool, gardener and cleaning service. The best thing about it? The rent often costs no more than the student room at home. Depending on the location, size and equipment, the monthly rent is around € 300 - € 500 per student.

Most students live during their semester abroad
in Bali in beautiful villas with private pools, gardeners and cleaning services.

Apartment / Kos / Kosts

The cheaper alternatives to a student villa in Bali are Apartments, Kos or Kosts. The selection is huge and there is something for just about any price range. They range from basic fan-cooled rooms with shared bathrooms to luxurious, serviced rooms with a shared pool. The so-called Kos or Kosts are mostly simple en suite rooms in a larger complex and popular with local students. Kosts are a great and authentic way to get in touch with local students. Depending on the facilities, these types of accommodation are available between 100 € - 350 € per month.


A great way to get to know Indonesian language, culture and the locals is living in a host family. In a homestay you usually get your own room in the home of your host family. Most popular are homestays in Denpasar, Jimbaran and Sanur. Live like a local and get to know the Balinese hospitality.

Finding cheap accommodation in Bali

How do you find the best student accommodation in Bali? There are various ways of doing this, which can be more or less promising. Real estate agents, Facebook groups, Airbnb, blogs and notices in restaurants or cafes. It is important to keep your eyes and ears open. Sometimes you can find a real pearl when exploring the surroundings with a scooter. A bit of adventure can be worthwhile when looking for the right accommodation.

Booking platforms

The well-known booking platforms like Airbnb or are an excellent way to find the right accommodation for your semester abroad in Bali. Almost every available accommodation is listed on one of the portals and usually you won't find cheaper prices online anywhere. Take a look around the platforms in advance and book a few days risk-free in one of the accommodations that you like. This way you don't bind yourself to long rental contracts in advance and remain flexible. If you like the accommodation, you can usually rent it on site for a longer period at a better price. Your negotiation skills are particularly important here. In Bali it is completely normal to negotiate prices, so try your luck. But please always stay respectful and fair! 😉

You don't have a free Airbnb account yet? Then just use the following link and you will receive 34 € discount on your first trip, So you can easily book the first days in Bali for free!

Facebook groups

Facebook groups are not only suitable for finding information, but also offer a great platform to find or get to know potential roommates. Join our new Facebook group for students in Bali and get the best information about your study stay in Bali.

Real Estate Agents

Even though we advise students not to book their accommodation in advance for the entire semester abroad, the websites of local real estate agents offer a good opportunity to look for suitable villas and apartments. The accommodations advertised offer you good guidelines with regard to the expected prices for the respective residential areas.

Usefull links:

In the next part of our accommodation guide you will learn everything about the best residential areas in Bali for students. What are the most popular residential areas? Where is the cheapest place to live? Where are the best beaches?

Accommodation in Bali

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