Semester abroad Australia The ultimate guide

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semester abroad australia

Semester abroad in Australia - The ultimate guide to studying Down Under

To spend a Semester abroad in Australia is the dream for many students. Studying in Australia is becoming more and more popular with international students, so thousands of students from all over the world spend a year studying Down Under. Most Australian universities are highly regarded internationally, the level of education is high, and with countless tourist attractions, the country is one of the most popular destinations for tourists worldwide. That sounds like a perfect destination for a study abroad, right?
What study options are available in Australia?
Which visa do I need as a student in Australia? How much is a semester abroad in Australia? Which insurance do I need? Our free guide on the subject Studying in Australia clarifies these and other important questions about studying in Australia.
Surfing Australia
Learn to surf during your studies? Australia offers the perfect conditions for this. Many universities offer extra surf courses for students.

Australia - "Land Down Under"

Inhabitants: approx. 25,3 million
Capital: Canberra
Currency: Australian Dollar (AUD)
Area: 7.688.287 km²
Head of State: Queen Elizabeth II
Prime Minister: Prime Minister Scott Morrison


Quick Facts


Studying in Australia

Not only among travellers and backpackers Australia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. More and more students have discovered Australia to be a worthwhile destination for a semester abroad or a summer school. Here are some benefits to studying in Australia:

  • Studying where others spend their holidays - Australia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world
  • High level of education
  • Internationally renowned universities
  • Numerous study programs tailored to the needs of international students
  • Numerous organizations that help students organize their studies abroad

Popular universities for semester abroad in Australia

All details can be found on the respective program page. Just click on the desired program, then the link will open in a new window. So you can easily jump back and forth between programs and compare all the details.

Summer School in Australia

Summer schools are short academic programs that are usually offered by universities during the semester break. A summer school usually lasts between 2 and 8 weeks and is designed to give participants, depending on the course choice, specific content in a relatively short period of time. The programs are usually associated with cultural excursions and extracurricular activities, in order to give the participants not only the academic content but also a good insight into the culture of the country. Often you can also receive credit points in a summer school, which may be credited back to your home University. However, this should be agreed on in advance with the University and recorded in writing in a Learning Agreement.

So summer schools are the perfect solution for students who, for time or organizational reasons, can not complete a full semester abroad but still want to spend an academic period abroad.

Below is a list of summer schools in Australia. Just click on the desired program, then the link will open in a new window. So you can easily jump back and forth between programs and compare all the details.

Study Abroad Organizations - Semester abroad in Australia

A Study Abroad Organization supports you in the application process University in Australia, It usually accompanies you through the application process, providing you with all the information you need about you spend a Semester abroad in Australia available and gives helpful tips. Many organizations offer this service free for students or may require one application fee, As a rule, the organizations are financed by the foreign educational institutes and receive a commission for each mediated student.

Below you will find the most popular Study Abroad organizations that offer semester abroad, summer schools or a full degree in Australia.

Experience reports Semester abroad in Australia

Be inspired by the experiences of former students in Australia. Maybe your experience in choosing the right program for your study program in Australia will help you.

Visa semester abroad Australia

In order to study in Australia you need a visa, which you have to apply for before starting your semester abroad.

This section is still in progress - stay tuned and follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

Applying for student visa Australia

Processing time student visa Australia

Validity and extension of the visa

After receiving the visa

Insurance for students in Australia

Students in Australia should check their insurances and adjust them, if necessary, to protect themselves from unpredictable costs before embarking on their journey. So that the dream semester is not a nightmare, we recommend the conclusion of some important insurance, which we want to introduce you in this section.

The foreign travel health insurance

Therefore, you should urgently pay attention to the correct insurance cover during your semester abroad! A simple foreign travel health insurance, as they have the most, is usually only valid for 6 - 8 weeks and often does not secure study visits.

Below we present you the best foreign travel health insurance for Australia. You can complete it online here directly through the respective provider or contact our insurance experts if you have any questions. They will help you free of charge and without obligation and answer all your questions about insurance coverage abroad. Our experts have more than 15 years of experience and are available exclusively to visitors to StudyAbroadCheck.

Just take it Get in contact us or write us Facebook Messenger.

The StudyAbroadCheck comparison calculator

Use our comparison calculator for foreign health insurance. With this comparison calculator for health insurance abroad you can easily and online the best and cheapest insurance for your study abroad. Just enter your details and compare the cheapest health insurance for students abroad.

Student life in Australia

This section is still in progress - stay tuned and follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

Leisure & Tips for Australia

In this section, we provide you with useful tips and links to make your study trip to Bali as comfortable as possible.

This section is still in progress - stay tuned and follow us on Instagram and Facebook!


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