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For many students, the dream of a longer stay abroad during their studies unfortunately often fails because of the financial means. But that does not have to be this way! In addition to many others Possibilities to finance a semester abroad, is the state promotion, the foreign BAföG, the most widely used form. Whether a semester, a whole year or even a whole study abroad, foreign BAföG exists for the most different variants. However, many students dread the request of BAföG. Complicated paragraphs, too much bureaucracy and in the end you get nothing anyway ...?! Not with us! In this article we explain you the basics of the foreign BAföG simple and understandable in our foreign BAföG FAQ.

Who can receive BAföG abroad?

In principle, the same conditions apply for funding as AuslandsBAföG, as in the case of the domestic BAföG. This means that if you already have BAföG for your studies in Germany, you should have no problems getting AuslandsBAföG for your semester in the distance. In this article, we will not go into these basic requirements for BAföG, there are already enough good articles on the Internet.

As a special feature of AuslandsBAföG, however, are the higher demand rates in comparison to the domestic BAföG mention. This means that it can definitely be worthwhile applying for a grant abroad, even if you have no claim to BAföG in Germany! Among other things, higher limits apply for the income adjustment.


Which stays abroad can be supported?

Semester Abroad: Study abroad, if one academic year has already been completed in Germany.

Complete study abroad: Within the EU and Switzerland, the entire degree program can be funded from start to finish with AuslandsBAföG.

Internship: An internship abroad as far as this is prescribed in the examination or study regulations.

Amount of foreign BAföG
As for foreign BAföG, there are usually more money than in Germany

What are the requirements for BAföG abroad?

As already mentioned, the foreign BAföG basically follows the same conditions as the domestic BAföG. In addition to these general requirements, there are still issues that are crucial to a successful application:

  1. Permanent residence in the country (see § 5 para. 1, para. 2 phrases 1 & 3 BAföG)

Here above all a sufficient connection to Germany must be proven, z. B. by a permanent residence in Germany. But there are other ways to fulfill this point (eg German citizenship or family relationships), these are usually individual case decisions.

  1. Minimum duration of stay abroad (§ 5 para. 2 sentence 3 BAföG)
    The stay abroad should be at least 6 months resp. one semester be.
  1. Equivalence of foreign institution (§ 5 para. 2 and 4 BAföG)
    The institution visited abroad must be equivalent to the institution of higher education, academy or higher technical college attended in Germany, so that a stay abroad is eligible. Here are the following points important:
  • Entry requirements of the foreign institution
  • Type of training or study
  • Content of study and equivalent degree, which can be acquired with it.

Within the EU, this has become relatively unproblematic since the Bologna reform. However, in non-European countries equivalence should be examined more closely. Here, not only the institution should be equivalent, the planned courses abroad should also be partially credited for training in Germany. The stay abroad should therefore be conducive to the actual training at home.

Unser Tipp: Eine Antragstellung lohnt sich in vielen Fällen sogar, wenn im Inland kein Anspruch auf BAföG besteht! Das liegt vor allem an den höheren Bedarfssätzen im Vergleich zum Inlands-BAföG. Zudem können z.B. Studiengebühren bis 4.600€ voll übernommen und Reisekostenzuschüsse gewährt werden.

Tipp der Redaktion

How long do you get BAföG abroad?

In the EU and Switzerland can be yours entire studies be funded with foreign BAföG. A stay abroad outside of the EU is maximum up to a year promoted. If there are special reasons, the support outside the EU can be increased to 2,5 years.

How high is the foreign BAföG funding?

The exact delivery height is calculated on the basis of various criteria. Since studying abroad usually entails higher costs than in Germany, additional requirements are taken into account. Below you will find the complete overview of the requirements, foreign surcharges and subsidy amounts for AuslandsBAföG.

Requirements, foreign surcharges & funding levels

basic needs419 € mtl. flat-rate
living costs325 € mtl. flat-rate
Travel expenses surcharge500 € once (within Europe)
1000 € once (outside Europe)
health care allowance84 € mtl.
tuition feeup to 4.600 € for max. one academic year
foreign allowanceup to 260 € mtl.
for stays outside the EU / Switzerland
See country list following table

Will the semester abroad count towards the normal period of study?

You can study abroad for up to two semesters, without this time being credited to your standard period of study in Germany. Thus, the duration in which you can obtain BAföG domestically, not reduced!

How long before I should apply?

The application for promotion abroad should be made at least half a year before departure. This makes it easier for the International Office to decide on the application in good time and to give students planning security at an early stage.

You should make the application for AuslandsBAföG as early as possible to ensure complete financing of your stay abroad. Any tuition and travel costs incurred are usually due before you receive the first BAföG payment.

Tipp der Redaktion

How does the repayment for AuslandsBAföG go?

In principle, the same rules apply to the repayment of the BAföG abroad as in the case of the BAföG. The repayment obligation begins five years after the end of the maximum funding period. The maximum repayment period is 20 years. The state does not differentiate between foreign and domestic BAföG, so there is no "additional loan account" opened. The maximum amount of the repayment is capped at 10.000 EUR.

The monthly repayment rate is currently 105 EUR. From the 1. April 2020 will raise her to 130 Euro. As a rule, the installments for three months are payable in one sum, hence in the future 390 EUR. The direct debit procedure is planned for repayment.

If your income in the repayment phase is less than 1.040 EUR, repayment may be suspended upon application.

Die Übernahme der Studiengebühren wird nicht auf die Darlehenssumme angerechnet. Dieser Betrag von max. 4.600 EUR wird für insgesamt zwei Semester zur Zahlung der anfallenden Studiengebühren gewährt und muss nicht zurückgezahlt werden!

Note from the editors

Countries with foreign surcharge

For students seeking a stay abroad outside the EU, there is also a foreign surcharge, which is redefined twice a year. This supplement is intended to at least partially cushion the higher living costs of the respective country compared to Germany. The current surcharges for the 2. Semester 2019 can be found in the following table. If a country is not listed, there is currently no foreign surcharge for this.

CountrySurcharge in €
Equatorial Guinea65
Burkina Faso32
China / Hong Kong70
Costa Rica65
Democratic Republic of Congo162
Ivory Coast32
Cape Verde32
New Zealand65
Palestinian Authoritarian Areas97
Republic of the Congo130
Sierra Leone65
South Sudan195
Trinidad / Tobago32

Which documents are required for application?

For the application for AuslandsBAföG you must complete at least the following forms and submit signed to the responsible Studentenwerk:

  • General

  • Form 1
    (Application for training support)

  • Attachment 1 to form 1
    (Educational and professional career - required for first application, after interruption of training or application for funding for training abroad)

  • Form 2
    (Certificate according to §9 BAföG on the visit of a training center, the participation in an internship / distance learning course)

  • Form 3
    (Declaration of income of spouse / registered partner, father, mother)

  • Form 6
    (Additional sheet for a training abroad)

  • Privacy Policy

Can I check in advance if I can get AuslandsBAföG?

For a better planning of the financing a so-called preliminary ruling can be applied for before studying abroad (according to § 46 paragraph 5 BAföG). The BAföG office then checks whether BAföG can be paid for the course of study.

Which Studentenwerk is responsible for the BAföG application?

The responsible Studentenwerk is based on the place of study, ie the country in which you would like to spend your study abroad. Below you will find a list of all countries with the addresses and contact details of the responsible Studentenwerke.

Studentenwerk Marburg
Office for Training Support
Erlenring 5
35037 Marburg
Mailing address:
Mailbox 22 80
35010 Marburg
Phone: 06421 / 296 - 0
Fax: 06421 / 296 - 223
Email: [Email protected]

Studentenwerk Chemnitz-Zwickau
Office for Training Support
Thuringian way 3
09126 Chemnitz
Mailing address:
Mailbox 10 32
09010 Chemnitz
Phone: 0371 / 5628 - 450
Fax: 0371 / 5628 - 455
Email: [Email protected]
Website: httpss: //

Hannover Region
Department of Schools - Education Funding
Hildesheimer Street 20
30169 Hanover
Phone: 0511 / 616 - 0 or - 22252
Fax: 0511 / 616 - 1123205
Email: [Email protected]

Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein
- Office for Training Support -
Westring 385
24118 Kiel
Phone: 0431 / 8816 - 0
Fax: 0431 / 8816 - 204
Website: httpss: //

Studentenwerk Halle
Office for Training Support
Wolfgang-Langenbeck-Str. 5
06120 Halle / Saale
Phone: 0345 / 6847 - 113
Fax: 0345 / 6847 - 202
Email: [Email protected]
Website: httpss: //

District administration Mainz-Bingen
Office for Training Support
Mailbox 13 55
55206 Ingelheim on the Rhine
Tel .: 06132 / 787- 0
Fax: 06132 / 787 - 3299
Website: httpss: //

District Government of Cologne
Department 49
50606 Cologne
Phone: 0221 / 147 - 4990
Fax: 0221 / 147 - 4950
Email: [Email protected]
Website: httpss: //

District office Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf of Berlin
Office for Training Support
- International Office -
10617 Berlin
Visitors / internal address:
Otto-Suhr-Allee 100 (Room 318-318a)
10585 Berlin
Phone: 030 / 9029 - 10
Fax .: 030 / 9029 - 13460
Website: httpss: //
org / community-services / auslands_bafoeg.html

University of Saarland
- Office for Training Support -
On behalf: Studentenwerk in Saarland e. V .; University Campus, Building D 4.1
66123 Saarbrücken
Phone: 0681 / 302 - 4992
Fax: 0681 / 302 - 4993
Email: [Email protected]

City of Munich
Department of Education and Sport
Office for Training Support
Neuhauser street 39
80331 Munich
Phone: 089 / 233 - 96266
Fax .: 089 / 233 - 83388
Email: [Email protected]
Website: httpss: //

Studentenwerk Rostock-Wismar
Office for Training Support
St.-Georg-Str. 104 - 107
18055 Rostock
Phone: 0381 / 4592 - 0
Email: [Email protected]
Website: httpss: //

Studentenwerk Augsburg
Office for Training Support
Mailing address:
Eichleitnerstr. 30
86159 Augsburg
Visitor address (for foreign BAföG):
Gögginger STR.44 / II
86159 Augsburg
Phone: 0821 / 598 4930
Fax .: 0821 / 598 4945
Website: httpss: //

Studierendenwerk Heidelberg
Department of Student Finance
Marstallhof 1
69117 Heidelberg
Phone: 06221 / 54 54 04
Fax .: 06221 / 54 35 24
Email: [Email protected]
WWW: httpss: //

Studierendenwerk Tübingen-Hohenheim
Office for Training Support
Bismarckstrasse 24
72764 Reutlingen
PO Box 2642
72716 Reutlingen
Tel: 07121 / 9477 - 0
Fax: 07121 / 9477 - 1195
Email: [Email protected]
Website: httpss: //

Studentenwerk Frankfurt (Oder)
Office for Training Support
Paul Feldner-Str. 8
15230 Frankfurt (Oder)
Phone: 0335 / 56 509 - 22
Fax .: 0335 / 56 509 - 99
Email: [Email protected]
Website: httpss: //

Studentenwerk Bremen AöR
- Office for Training Support -
student house
Library street 7
28359 Bremen
Phone: 0421 / 2201 - 133 33
Fax: 0421 / 2201 - 230 90
Email: [Email protected]
Website: httpss: //ög

Studierendenwerk Hamburg
Postal address: PO Box 13 01 13
20101 Hamburg
Visitors / internal address:
Advisory Center for Student Finance (BeSt)
Grindelallee 9
20146 Hamburg
Phone: 040 / 41902-0
Fax: 040 / 41902 -126
Email: [Email protected]
Website: httpss: //

Studentenwerk Thuringia
Office for Training Support
foreign promotion
At the Planetarium 4
07743 Jena
Tel: 03641 / 930570
Fax: NO / NO
Email: [Email protected]


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