Health insurance for students abroad

Well insured into semester abroad

Health insurance semester abroad

Health insurance during semester abroad

You want to study abroad for one or more semesters soon? Then you have to deal sooner or later with the rather unpopular topic insurance. The most important insurance for your semester abroad is the health insurance for students abroad. On this page we explain you simply and clearly, for which the foreign health insurance in the foreign semester is actually necessary, which special features there are and which you should consider in the choice. Besides, we have a great one comparison calculator created with suitable providers for foreign health insurance for you. With our Versicherungsvergleich You can easily calculate your personal offer, look for the cheapest insurance for you out and book directly online.
Health insurance semester abroad
Well insured for the semester abroad - we will show you what is important so that there are no nasty surprises abroad!

Frequently asked questions about foreign health insurance for students

Do I need travel health insurance in a semester abroad?

Yes, in most cases you need an additional health insurance for your study abroad. For easy holiday travel in the EU, most students are covered by their statutory health insurance. For trips up to 6 weeks outside the EU, a cheap travel health insurance is usually sufficient. These are often available for less than 10 Euro per year. A simple travel health insurance for stays abroad up to 6 weeks you can easily via our comparison calculator


For stays abroad of more 6 weeks, such as for a semester abroad, you need a special foreign travel health insurance for students.

When does the international health insurance cover for students?

As the name implies, international health insurance covers costs incurred abroad as a result of illness or accident.

A simple example: You will get a severe flu during your semester abroad and therefore have to be treated medically. The international travel health insurance replaces the costs incurred for eg doctor or hospital visit, treatment costs and prescription drugs. As a rule of thumb, the costs are usually only reimbursed for medically prescribed treatments and medicines.

What benefits does health insurance include when traveling abroad?

That depends on the respective tariff, for which you decide. However, health insurance for stays abroad should at least include the following services:

  • Outpatient and inpatient treatment
  • Analgesic dental treatments and repairs of existing dentures
  • Accident-related dentures
  • Medicines and bandages
  • Massages, packs, inhalations, physiotherapy
  • diagnostic Radiology
  • Return transport from abroad
  • Ambulance transports for inpatient treatment

Benefits and reimbursement limits can vary greatly depending on the provider and tariff. That is why it is important to compare and find a cheap international health insurance for you. Just use ours comparison calculator.

What is a deductible in travel health insurance abroad?

As deductible In the insurance industry, a share is understood that the policyholder has to bear in the event of an insurance claim. Other common names for this are excess or own contribution.

Back to our example: The total cost of treatment and medication due to the flu is 500 Euro. In the case of a contract without a deductible, the full 500 Euro will be reimbursed by the insurance company. If you have agreed a deductible on conclusion of the contract (eg 100 Euro), then you get 400 Euro refunded and bear the costs up to 100 Euro itself. By agreeing to a deductible you pay in return a lower contribution to your health insurance abroad. For most foreign travel health insurance the deductible per insured event applies, ie for each illness or accident.

Are necessary vaccinations for the semester abroad reimbursed by travel health insurance?

No. We have already asked this question a few times. Vaccinations and other measures that should be done BEFORE you start your journey are not covered by the International Travel Health Insurance. Some vaccinations for stays abroad are, depending on the provider, covered by your statutory or private health insurance in Germany. You should therefore inform yourself in good time with your health insurance in Germany.

How do I find the best travel health insurance for me?

All in all, one can not say which insurance is the best. Every person is different and values ​​different services. Accordingly, it is important to compare the different services of the foreign health insurance companies and to find the right one for you. This helps you our Comparison calculator for international travel health insurance, Just enter your details, select up to three offers and let you see the benefits in the tariff comparison.


Comparative calculator for foreign health insurance for students

Use the StudyAbroadCheck comparison calculator for foreign health insurance. With this comparison calculator for health insurance abroad, you can easily calculate and book the best and cheapest insurance for studying abroad. Just enter your details and compare the cheapest health insurance for students abroad.

Notes on the use of the comparison computer

For the calculation of a foreign health insurance during your studies abroad, it is recommended to enter the following parameters:

  • Trip type: Study
  • Contract duration: only one trip
  • Travel period: planned start and end dates of your stay abroad
  • The travel value is not important for students traveling abroad
  • For easy holidays up to 6 weeks at a time, select "All trips within one year" for contract duration
  • Select up to three fares and click on "Compare" to compare the services in detail

If you have any questions, our insurance experts will be happy to assist you personally. Just take it Get in with us.

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